Cardboard Pallets

Cardboard Enviro Pallet ™

Cardboard Enviro Pallets are a great option for reducing costs and offering an environmentally conscious alternative to wooden pallets, especially in light of current timber shortages.

Available in Standard (15mm thick deck) or Light Weight (10mm thick deck), which can carry a variety of weights depending on the shape of the load (stacked cartons vs single heavy item).



  • Fully 100% recyclable
  • Light, easy to handle & store
  • Requires less than half the storage space of wooden pallets
  • No wood splinters or sharp nails that could damage you or your products
  • 90mm high bearers make these compatible with both pallet jacks & forklift tynes
  • Available on short lead times
  • HACCP friendly
  • Pallets can also be fully customised to suit your unique size or configuration requirements (POA)

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