Working towards a sustainable future


Our aim is to provide packaging solutions which minimise environmental impact, yet maximise product performance.


We are constantly looking for ways with which to further improve the sustainability of the products we supply and in particular focus on the following key targets.


  1. Source cardboard from local suppliers that support sustainable plantation-grown forests and complies with environmental regulations.

  2. Develop products which are produced from 100% recyclable cardboard that offer benefits which outperforms the less environmentally friendly products in the market.

  3. Offer packaging designs which not only reduce the cost of packaging but also the packing time and improve the protection given.

  4. Improve operational efficiencies by continually reviewing the current processes within our current quality management system.

  5. Identify ways to reduce our general waste and investigate alternative materials which are recyclable.

  6. Continue discussions with our waste management partners with the goal of further reducing waste handling.

  7. Powering our production facility with a renewable energy source that would help reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce energy costs.