Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes

We can produce custom boxes to specifically meet any requirement. No matter how difficult your product may seem to package, we will offer a pack that ticks all the boxes. The following designs are some of the more common examples that we produce.

Tuck over Ends – Tuck in Front Carton

This carton locks together without the use of tape and can be easily closed and re-opened.

Crash-Lock Carton (CLC)
Crash Lock Carton

This carton is designed for quick assembly. It locks into shape with a simple tap of the sides.

Self Locking – Shelf Ready Carton

We can include a perforation into this easy-to-assemble carton, which allows the carton to convert into a display tray.

Carry Pack

This carton is designed to be easily carried, yet hold in excess of 20 kilos of product. We can include vent holes if the pack requires ventilation.

Self Locking Carton with Insert

This design incorporates both a carton and insert into a single piece, which secures the product being packaged. This makes the complete assembly a single process.

Cardboard Tray
Self Locking Tray

This tray design is assembled by folding over the self-locking ends. We can produce this design as a lid & base carton.

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